To see a list of portrait concepts I’d like to have in the project scroll down.

Welcome to the 100 Portraits Project


Portraits to go!

“What is that?” you ask. It’s simple. The 100 Portraits Project was born from my desire to take photos of people. Really. It’s that simple. And it’s free to participate. “Is it really free?” you ask. Yes, it’s true. There is no cost to the subject in the portrait and that’s the catch. What the subject of the portrait gets is a free portrait, what I get is to experiment with lighting, location, etc. while I hone my skills as a portrait photographer.

What kind of portraits are we talking about here?

What I am looking for in this project, is as wide a variety as possible . I’m looking for subjects of all ages, ethnicity and body types. What I want to capture in the portraits is emotion and character. All the portraits will be in black and white. I will strive to make every portrait unique. The portraits will be of individuals only…no group shots, couples, etc. There will only be 100 portraits in the project. Once that counter up there reaches zero, the project is done.

So,how does this work?

If someone (maybe you) is interested in participating, all they have to do is contact the email below and they will then receive an information package (via email). If they are chosen to participate, I will then contact them and we will discuss the portrait session further. Shortly after the photo session, the subject gets a free copy of the portrait (digital copy and a printed copy) and I will then post the portraits in the100 Portrait Project online gallery.

If you’re interested, contact me using the form below. I’d love to talk to you about the project.

Want to take part in the project? Let me know.

Portrait Concepts

Do you want to participate but don’t know what kind of portrait you’d like? Well here’s a list of concepts I’d like to try. Let me know if you’d be interested  in any of them.

  • Eyes closed
  • Your face projected onto your face
  • Funny face
  • In a supermarket
  • Lots of muscles
  • Extreme angle
  • Falling into water
  • Sensual/sexy
  • Someone over 100 yrs old
  • Someone taking my photo while I take their photo.
  • Something with mirrors
  • Something with smoke
  • Jumping in the air (trampoline)
  • In the rain
  • Leaf blower to the face
  • Ripped face portrait
  • Tape face
  • On a carnival ride
  • Realistic zombie portrait

If you have any questions about anything on the list, send me a message.